Spy earpiece is placed in the ear. The spy headphones is connected to a mobile phone and you can hea..

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Spy earphone bluetooth mini helps you keep in touch with the other person on the mobile phone. These..

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The Spy earpieces for exams are great for stealth communication, so you can talk to the interlocutor..

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Spy earpiece – such a wonderful thing was probably dreamed of by every student. Just imagine how much time and energy could be saved without having to prepare for exams? You could play computer games or lay in bed all day.

Invisible earpiece is a real salvation. Such thoughts often come to the mind of almost every student. However, it is very important to know that the use of earpieces during the exam is strictly forbidden, so you not only risk leaving university or college walls permanently, but you may also have trouble with law enforcement. Do you really need it at such a young age? Do you want to ruin your reputation for the rest of your life?

Of course, you can just make a so-called "cheat sheet" and write down everything off of it. However, it is important to keep in mind that making the "cheat sheet" itself takes a lot of time that you could devote to yourself. You can never know the task of an exam beforehand, so finding exactly what you need among all the existing information is difficult and risky. When it comes to risk, it has to be mentioned that you have to be able to use the cheat sheet unobtrusively. There are lecturers where it is simply impossible to cheat and write down everything at their lectures, as they not only monitor everything that is happening, but also check your pockets before the exam.

Finally, during the exam, you will experience insanely high levels of stress. In times of stress, people tend to behave inappropriately and recklessly, so they can easily give themselves away when using a spy earpiece. The earpiece is hidden deep within the ear and is completely invisible. The inductive loop is placed around the neck and because it is hidden under the clothes, it is also invisible. The earphones is connected to a phone that can easily be hidden somewhere under your clothes. There is an invisible earpiece that connects to the phone via bluetooth, while others connect directly to the phone's earphone jack. The bluetooth secret spy earpiece is convenient in that it has absolutely no wires. An earpiece and a inductive loop are included in the set. The cheaper micro earphone plugs into the phone's earphone jack and also requires two crowns to power them, so naturally they have wires that can cause discomfort to someone.

Spy earpiece has a very sensitive microphone, which, according to misbehaving students, makes them ideal for the oral exam because the person at the other end of the wire hears the questions perfectly. What to do during a written exam? According to the students, one can simply whisper questions quietly into the microphone and, if possible, take pictures of the tasks and send them to a friend via messenger, viber or other app. These are more complicated ways. Another way that cheating students are very fond of is to purchase a special camouflage ip camera and hide it under their clothes. All assignments will be broadcasted live to the person‘s phone who agreed to assist You during the exam. We would like to emphasize again that the use of earpieces during the exam can cause serious trouble. The use of earpieces during the exam violates the internal rules of educational institutions.

Students who do not need knowledge but only a diploma consider a spy earpiece as an investment. Studies take several years and there are dozens of exams over those years. Cheating students imagine they will save a lot of time and energy if they do not have to prepare for exams. Both the micro earphone and the camera will be able to serve the brave ones greatly throughout all the study year. The great advantage is that not only does the earphones imaginatively save you a lot of time and nerves, it is also guaranteed to save you money if you constantly have to retake exams. It's no secret that exams will cost you a fortune, but with the spy earphone this problem won't be relevant. But the fact is that all this is only valid if everything goes smoothly. We do not recommend doing this. If you get caught, it can cost you a lot of nerves, time, money, and also reputation. It's even more important to learn something new than just passing the exam. The purpose of using earphones can be quite different. Risk-free and with no bad consequences. You can use them, for example, during events where a large headset spoils the entire image and bothers You. The earphone is placed deep in the ear, so it is completely invisible, no one will even notice that you have it.

The earphones are very easy to use and come with manuals, so everything goes smoothly when used properly. If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to write to our consultants on weekdays and get all the answers. The very important moment is that the earphones have a warranty, so you really don‘t have to worry that one day they will simply fail and have to be discarded.