It is one of the most popular jammers and has many advantages. In the past, phone blockers could only block one frequency band, such as 2G, whereas complex cellular jammers had the ability to block different types of networks at the same time, such as 2G, 3G. Nowadays, this call blocker has become even more powerful. This is a multifunctional mobile phone jammer, so this product can block 8 frequency bands. These are all mobile phone signals: GSM / CDMA, 3G, 4G. This jammer can also block GPS, Wi-Fi and other signals. It has a high power - 19 W. The range of the call blocker is very wide and the output of the blocked signal is stable. With a separate frequency converter, you can open or close a specific frequency band as needed. The signal jammer also has a power adjustment function - you can adjust the interference range as much as you need. The product is applicable to pupil or student class, conference room, library, cinema and many other places. It is currently one of the most popular desktop mobile phone jammer. This call blocker is the best choice for you if you have high communication interference requirements.

Precautionary measures:

Jammers are adapted to the frequency bands of different countries, so please confirm that the country of purchase and use of the product itself is the same. Otherwise, it cannot be used. Please read the specifications of the signal jammer before purchasing. If low power jammers (such as handy jammers) block a high power signaling device (such as a powerful Wi-Fi router, Bluetooth audio devices, etc.), blocking will be weak or even impossible. Do not use a cell jammer without connecting an antenna.

Product properties:

  • Blocked signals: GSM / 3G / Wi-Fi / GPS / 4G / LOJACK.
  • Cellular jammer can work 24 hours without interruption.
  • Long blocking distance - 40 meters.

The package includes:

  • Mobile phone jammer;
  • 8 antennas;
  • Mains charger;
  • Car charger.

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