How to choose a GPS tracker?


A GPS tracker is a device that not everyone comes across in their daily life. A car tracker is a very specific device and its purpose is also quite specific. What is the purpose of tracking devices? Basically, to follow a person himself or his car.

The tracking is not necessary secret. In what cases is car tracking not secret? Such when it is a company car. Maximizing work optimization is relevant for every company, but if the time spent traveling for business purposes is used unproductively, the company suffers losses in terms of both time and fuel consumption. In such cases, GPS tracking device is very helpful in disciplining employees who, instead of working, drive the company car on their own business.

How to choose the most suitable tracker GPS? It all depends on your needs. If you want to follow a person, then you should choose the smallest possible person tracker. The advantage of a mini GPS tracker is that you can easily put it in your pocket, backpack, handbag or other personal item and thus always know where the object you are tracking is located.

With the need to track a car, the choice increases. There are several aspects that you should pay attention to when choosing car GPS. First of all, consider how often you will have the opportunity to charge the GPS device. Keep in mind, to load the GPS tracker, you will need to remove it from the car, charge it, and then put it back in. It is understood that this requires regular access to the car.

If you have the opportunity to frequently charge the car tracker, you can choose tracker for car with a shorter standby time. The shortest standby time for GPS tracker micro is 3 days. Usually, satellite trackers with a shorter standby time are smaller, so they are easy to hide, and they are also less expensive.

If there is no possibility to charge the GPRS tracker often, then choose a tracker with a long standby mode. Among the equipment we have, the GPS tracker with magnet T20 that has the longest standby time. Its standby time is even up to 12 months. Due to such a long standby mode, the price of this vehicle tracker is one of the highest. For the best price-to-standby ratio, a GPS tracker T5 is perfect. Its standby mode is up to 40 days. This GPS tracker auto has other benefits as well. Its body has a powerful magnet, thanks to which you can attach it to the bottom of the car, so you don't have to worry about the possibility of getting inside the car. It is also possible to connect this GPS device to the server and always see where the car is. When connected to a server, the GPS tracking device for car discharges significantly faster, but this can easily be solved by connecting it to a constant power supply.

As mentioned above, most tracking devices can be connected to the server. In what cases is a server required? A server is needed when every detail of the car's route is important. With the help of the server, you will be able to constantly see how the car is moving. You will also have the opportunity to view the history of the route, which is very convenient if you did not have the opportunity to check the location of the car at an important moment. GPS tracking devices without a server send the location of the car only after sending a command via SMS or call. This means that you can only find out where the car is at a specific minute.

We recommend that the vehicle GPS tracking devices connected to the server are also connected to a constant power supply. Since the GPS location tracker is constantly sending a signal, it discharges quickly, so even the longest standby GPS tracker can run out of power within days. If necessary, you can also connect non-server GPS tracking system to a constant power supply. This will guarantee you that the spy GPS tracker will not discharge at the right moment.

So, summarizing all the information provided, when choosing a real time GPS tracker, it is important to assess what you are going to follow, whether you want to constantly monitor the object or just know its location at specific moments and whether you have the opportunity to charge it. Then, taking into account the technical data of the small tracking devices, all you have to do is choose the one that best suits your needs. If you have any questions or doubts, you can write us an email, we will always be happy to help and help you choose the most suitable device.

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