How to choose audio spy equipment?


Spy listening device is far from being the most popular product in the world, so it’s no surprise that most don’t know what it’s for and how it works. The spy bug will help you hear what is happening in the room you want to spy. How does it work? Very simply. You simply insert a simple SIM card for your phone into the listening bug and call that SIM card number. The GSM bug will automatically pick up the call and you will hear what is happening in the environment where you left the surveillance bug.

How to choose a spy listening device? Since eavesdropping is basically always done secretly, first think about where you would like to hide the spy microphone. Then evaluate the size of the spy bug to fit in the chosen location. There is often a lack of ideas on where to hide the listening equipment, so one of the most popular ways is to stick double-sided tape under the table. Some listening devices even have a double-sided strap included in the set, with the help of which you can attach the GSM bug where you want.

If you can't think of where you can hide the listening bug so that no one can see it, you can choose from bugging devices, which will be built into a certain casual item. It can be a computer mouse, an extension plug, a USB key, a charger or a charging cable. All of these things look quite real, so there will be no suspicion. Moreover, they all perform their direct function, so a person using an extension plug, for example, will not even suspect that he is being listened to.

Of course, eavesdropping can also take place openly. This is the case when you listen to your minor children. Another way is when you don’t have the opportunity to visit your elderly parents regularly and always want to hear if everything is really okay with them. In such cases, you warn that you will hear everything that is happening and no one should object to you.

Next, evaluate how often you will have access to the spy audio bug to pick it up for charging. If you can do this often, then standby time doesn’t matter much. However, if the spy listening device is somewhere far away from you, such as in another city, and often it is not possible to charge it, then it is important to choose a spy bug with a long standby time. One such bug is the LONG LIFE CALLBACK GSM SPY LISTENING DEVICE with a standby time of up to 30 days. Among the bugs in our shop, the longest standby time of listening devices lasts up to 60 days.

The callback feature is very convenient and popular with customers. What makes this feature special? You don’t have to be constantly calling and capturing the moment the conversation starts. When the callback function is activated, the GSM bug responds to the sound and calls you. All you have to do is answer and listen to the conversation. Therefore, for those who want to save their time, bugging devices with this function is recommended.

For those who like multifunction devices, we can offer audio spy equipment with voice recording function. If you are not always able to answer when the callback function is activated or you are not always able to call at the right time, simply activate the voice recording function with the help of the SMS command and you will be able to listen to the conversation you are interested in later.

For better sound quality, choose GSM listening devices with an external microphone. An external spy mic provides better sound quality. However, it is important to know that none, even the most expensive wireless bug, will not provide the quality and clarity of sound that a dictaphone can provide. Therefore, if the sound quality is important, you should choose a voice recorder instead of a spy bug device. The same rule applies to listening in a car. If the car moves with more than 30 km/h. speed, you will probably not hear anything, so a voice recorder is needed in such cases.

In summary, when choosing audio spy equipment, take into account the following parameters: standby time, the need for secrecy, the place where it will be left, the necessity of the callback function.