How to choose a spy voice recorder?

A spy recorder is a great choice when you need to secretly record a specific conversation, get evidence. The hidden voice recorder is convenient because all recordings remain in its memory, and you can listen to them at any time. To start new recordings, simply transfer files from the spy audio recorder to a computer or another convenient location, delete them from the hidden recorder devices memory and record further. The number of records can be unlimited, though it is important to move existing records in time to make room for new ones. It is often asked what is the difference between a spy voice recorder and an eavesdropping device, and in which case which device to choose? First of all, secret recording devices should be chosen by those who want to eavesdrop in the car. A listening "bug" when the car is traveling at speeds over 30 km / h will be completely useless, because you simply will not hear anything. The quality of the spy recording devices audio in the car does not suffer at all, you can be sure that you will hear all the necessary information clearly. Another important nuance is that with the help of most GSM bugs, eavesdropping can only be performed in real time. If at the moment when an important conversation is taking place, you cannot listen, then you will not receive certain information. A spy recorder helps to avoid such problems, since the recordings will remain, and you can listen to them at a convenient time. Of course, if you need to hear directly what is happening, and perhaps even prompt someone for answers, you need a GSM bug. Another difference is that the sound quality of the hidden voice recorder is much better.

How to choose a spy audio recorder? First of all, think about where you want to hide it. If there is not enough space to hide the spy voice recorder, chose the device as small as possible. Secret recording devices are especially necessary when you want to hide it among a person's personal belongings, for example, in a bag, backpack or pocket. If you choose a spy recorder built into any item of everyday use, you will not need to hide it, as this will not raise any suspicions. What items can a hidden voice recorder be built into? This can be a ball point pen, USB flash drive, car key, or any other item used in everyday life. Pay attention to the internal memory of the spy audio recorder, as it determines how many recordings it can store. Secret recording devices battery life time is also important, as it will allow you to decide how often you need to charge it and whether you will always have access to it at the right time. Some spy recording devices record continuously, while others are voice activated. Why is voice activation convenient? In this case, the recorder will not record unnecessary pauses in the conversation. It may happen that the person you are watching will speak for only 5 minutes, and the recorder will work, for example, for 13 hours, so it will be very difficult to find those 5 minutes of talk time among the 13-hour recording. To avoid this, choose a spy sound recorder that has a voice activation function, then you will find only purely voice recordings on the recorder, and no unnecessary silence. You can buy a hidden sound recorder without voice activation when you do not need to leave the recorder for a long time. Such a spy voice recorder is best suited, for example, for important negotiations that do not last long and after which you will have the opportunity to immediately turn off the spy recorder. You can also use USB spy recorder to record lectures, courses, seminars, or, if necessary, collect evidence. Of course, voice-activated spy recording devices are also suitable for this purpose, but they are usually more expensive, so if you do not need to leave the hidden voice recorder somewhere for a long time, you can save on this. Another important nuance is that the spy recording devices cannot be detected by any detectors, since it does not emit any signals. Hidden recording devices can only be found visually, but it should not be forgotten that they are usually carefully hidden in places where it would not even occur to look for them. Secret recording devices built into everyday objects also look very realistic, so only a professional can recognize them.

Thus, when choosing a spy sound recorder, be sure to consider the following parameters: operating time, internal memory, voice activation function, size, place where it will be used, your ability to charge the hidden sound recorder at a certain time. If there are still ambiguities and it is difficult for you to make a decision, then you can easily contact us and we taking into account the needs you have listed, will help to choose the best option for you.