The bug detector is far not a necessary item for everyone. You need it when you feel like someone is listening to you, monitoring you, or tracking your car. The fact that parties know certain information that they could not have known from anywhere, indicates that you may be monitored. There are truly miraculous coincidences in life, so if you haven't found any tracking equipment after a search, don't rush to break the detector and doubt the quality. Bug finder will help detect bugs, IP cameras, GPS tracking devices. Everything that transmits a signal. Unfortunately, the detectors cannot detect recording cameras and voice recorders, which record to internal memory.

Undoubtedly, the most reliable way is to entrust the search to a specially trained person. Why? He knows all the places where surveillance equipment can be hidden, can see what the detector will not detect. However, sometimes you need to search a lot of locations and cars, so it pays off to buy your own rf detector. The most reliable is the 1207i professional bug detector. It detects signals such as: LTE, CDMA, GSM, DCS, WCDMA, 3G, 4G PCS, DECT, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, while cheaper detectors usually only detect GSM and LTE. Sometimes a cheaper camera detector may be enough, but it is important to remember that if the tracking equipment emits signals other than GSM or an analog signal, detector may not detect it.

Often people ask if a spy detector can detect sleeping bugs. Sleeping bugs will not emit any signal during a search, but can transmit the signal once in a while. In our e-shop, sleeping bugs are detected by 2 spyware detectors - raksa and mobifinder. Mobifinder is more suitable for car searches and raksa – for indoors. The principle of operation is simple - you leave the hidden camera detector in the car or in the room for some time (day or several). If during that time the tracking device will activate, the bug detector will catch that signal and record it to its memory. In the rf detector records, you will find the hour and what signal was caught, which means that something is and still needs to be carefully searched again.

You will probably wonder why choose an expensive cell phone detector if it does not detect sleeping devices. The answer is simple - a real-time bug sweeper is significantly more sensitive and better at detecting signals, making it more reliable when performing a real-time search. Yes, real-time searches can also be performed with memory-based detectors, but they are not as good. In summary, the advantage of a real-time search bug finder is that it is very sensitive, and the advantage of a memory spy detector is that it can detect sleeping bugs.

The question often arises: why real-time search detectors are so different in price. It all depends on how many signals the rf detector detects and its sensitivity. It is usually the case that the more expensive the hidden camera detector, the more signals it detects, which means that the chances of detecting the tracking equipment are higher. Listening bugs usually work over GSM network, so they can be detected by a simple mobile phone detector, but there are also listening devices that emit signals such as WIFI or Bluetooth, so a simple detector will definitely not detect them. The cheapest bug detectors do not have high reliability and can therefore confuse a person in reacting, for example, to sockets. Another nuance, cheaper camera detectors are made in China and more expensive in Europe, so the quality of them varies.

Detectors are usually very simple to use, often with a touch of a button and detection is already in progress. To avoid unnecessary interference and deception, detection is best done with a minimum sensitivity. Memory rf bug detectors have more sophisticated control, but there is no problem, as the set includes detailed instructions in English.

If after this article you still can't decide which bug sweeper is right for you, get in touch. After hearing the whole situation and budget, we will be able to offer you the most optimal option. All products have a 1-year warranty, so if the product breaks down during the year, we will repair it or replace it with a new one.