A hidden IP camera in an electrical hub

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This hidden camera in a hub will help you secretly monitor your surroundings from anywhere in the world through your phone or computer. A certain app is installed on the phone, through which the image will be visible. The app works with both Android and iPhone phones. In order to connect the camera, there must be Wi-Fi in the room. The wifi camera also has a micro SD card slot that supports cards up to 128GB. The micro SD card is inserted from the back, so it will not be visible. The power strip also has 2 USB ports for charging devices. A fork performs its function as a hub.

Technical data:

  • Webcam resolution: 5 MPix
  • IR LED night vision up to 6 meters
  • Camera coverage angle: 90°
  • Constantly works from constant power supply
  • Motion detection
  • The possibility of saving video to a micro SD memory card
  • Supports up to 128GB memory card
  • Android and iPhone tracking is supported
  • Dimensions: 9x4.6 cm

The package includes:

  • WIFI camera hub
  • User manual

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