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The Protect 1205 can detect different types of wireless spy gear by the bar graph indicator or by vibrating.

Nowadays there are a lot of different spy gadgets available, which can gather information in your home, office or even your car. The spy equipment can transmit signals by different frequencies and signal modulations. You need a hand of bug detector in these situations.

Protect 1203 will trace spytools, which work in active mode. The bug detector is useful for covert bug sweep, because it has vibrating indicator with no sound. In these cases the Protect 1205 can be carried by a person and inspect spy devices in close distance. Vibration of the bug finder near a certain place reveals the real spy gear is hidden nearby.

The short range bug detector antenna makes it easier to deal with interference in highly populated areas with many wireless electronic devices. Bug sweep is able to trace active GSM cellphones, as well as different signal jammers emissions.

The frame of the bug finder is made of a durable duralumin material, which makes it strong, reliable and weatherproof.

Protect 1205 features

  • Fine quality bug detector for different sweeping operations
  • Detects analogue and  some digital transmissions
  • Helps the operator to define the source of surveillance equipment
  • Bug finder has a 16 segments radio frequency level indicator
  • Vibrating signal adjustment for discrete indication value of the bar graph
  • Bug sweep high sensitivity frequency response: 50—8000 MHz
  • Resistant duralumin case
  • Battery resource: up to 10 hours

Protect 1205 applications

  • Searching for active spygear in premises, vehicles and items
  • Discovering the improper use of cell phones and other communication equipment for picking up conversations
  • Tracing GSM jammers

Protect 1205 package includes

  • Bug detector
  • User manual
  • 2 AA baterries

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