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The GPS tracker does not have a SIM card and works in the European Union, United Kingdom and Norway. You will no longer have to worry about the constant top-ups of your accounts, and worry that the device will not work with some operator. You will be able to see the location of the object through the mobile phone app. This vehicle tracker has an extremely long standby time, even up to 4 years if the location is detected once a day. To date, no satellite tracker can match this long standby time. There are no subscription fees. Use for free. Perfect for use in cars, farm equipment, boats and more.

Tracking devices functions as a self-sustaining vehicle tracking device. This means it operates independently based on the user's predefined settings. For instance, if the user configures the GPS vehicle tracker to transmit its location every 24 hours, it will consistently follow this schedule until new instructions are received. The benefit of this approach is that the device reliably performs its designated task without requiring constant reconfiguration.

However, this autonomy also presents a drawback. When the GPS tracker auto is set to report its position every 24 hours, it will remain inactive for the same duration between each position report. During these off periods, it cannot be "pinged" or contacted. Modifying the GPS device's settings can only be accomplished when it sends its next position update and becomes operational once more.

Technical data:

  • Standby mode 4 years or 4000 thousand. sent GPS location signals
  • No GSM SIM card required
  • Integrated GSM SIM chip that works in Europe
  • Water and shock resistant
  • Can work at temperatures from -40 to +70
  • Dimensions: 64x64x23mm
  • Weight: 88g

The set includes:

  • GPS tracker
  • User manual

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