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A regular pen can now be used as a listening device. After unscrewing the pen, a nano SIM card is inserted into it. Then just call the number of that SIM card from your phone and listen to what is happening around the pen. Although the working time of the pen is not long, the spy bug is very well disguised. It is convenient to simply "accidentally" leave the pen when leaving the premises or simply keep it in your pocket without any suspicion. Since the GSM network is used for listening, you can call the listening bug not only from another city, but also from another country.

Technical data:

  • GSM network is used (850/900/1800/1900);
  • Operating range of the microphone: 5-7 m;
  • Standby mode: up to 2 days;
  • Listening mode: up to 60 min;
  • Dimensions: 152x14 mm;

The package includes:

  • GSM bug pen
  • USB cable for charging
  • User manual

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