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Spy earpiece is placed in the ear. The spy headphones is connected to a mobile phone and you can hear the other person without wires. Spy earpiece is impossible to see in the ear. The invisible earpiece is great for exams for stealth communication, so you can communicate with the interlocutor without the knowledge of others. Spy earphone is suitable for Nokia, Iphone, Samsung, Htc and other mobile phones running the android operating system.

Technical specifications:

  • Duration of call: up to 10h;
  • Dimensions: 3x1,5mm;

Package consists of:

  • 2 spy earpiece GOLD;
  • Induction coil;
  • Hands-free communication system.

What makes this invisible earpiece better than other cheaper spy headphones?

1. They do not begin to heat and burn your body after 15 minutes.

2. With this spy earpiece, the sound will not crack after 15 minutes and you will hear the interlocutor well.

3. This invisible earpiece comes with a 3-month guarantee.

4. Spy earphone has an external microphone with a 1 meter cord that you can attach wherever you like.

5. Two 9 volts batteries are connected sequentially, which doubles the power of the earpiece.

6. The krone connections are made of solid plastic so that the wires will not break after the second use of the earpiece.

7. Shipping of this invisible earpiece is free.

Free shipping. 3 months warranty.

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