WiFi voice recorder with external microphone


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This WiFi voice recorder has an external microphone and can work for a very long time. It works over WiFi, so there are no additional monthly costs. The device has three modes, including two energy-saving modes for long-term use. The recorder can be used for live audio monitoring day and night, recording live audio information according to the set sensitivity and receiving notifications in the application about the sounds. The recorder's recording quality is very good. Also, if necessary, the device can be connected to an external battery, ensuring an extremely long operating time. This mini voice recorder is not only compact, but also easy to use. It allows you to listen to audio directly through the app at any time and receive active audio notifications.  The device saves energy, so it has a long operating time.

Working modes:

  • Continuous recording mode: The device can continuously record audio information while connected to the network (also with loop recording).
  • Power saving mode A: The device listens to the sound directly and can send a notification and record a sound when activated by sound.
  • Power saving mode B: The device allows live listening through the app within 1 minute after each sound activation, and can send a message and record sound when activated by sound.

Technical data:

  • Mini portable pocket size: 91x50x15 mm
  • Mute the sound through the app at any time and receive active sound notifications
  • Works with WiFi (not SIM card), no monthly costs
  • Low power consumption for long use
  • Simple connection
  • Download remote audio files to mobile phone from SD card or cloud storage
  • Maximum supported: 128 GB micro SD card
  • Audio file size: 1 MB/min
  • Audio recording range: About 5 meters
  • Battery: 3000mA
  • Charging current: 200mA
  • Charging time: About 6 hours
  • Power consumption during operation: 80mA
  • Continuous recording mode operating time: About 37.5 hours
  • Standby current - Energy saving mode A: 1.6mA/h
  • Standby time - Power saving mode A: About 78 days
  • Standby current - Energy saving mode B: 1mA/h
  • Standby time - Power saving mode B: About 125 days

The package includes:

  • WiFi voice recorder
  • External microphone
  • USB cable
  • User manual
  • Micro SD card reader

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